3 Ways To Find More Alignment In Your Life

It is possible to bring alignment to your life, even with today’s busy schedules. Unfortunately, our digital commitments (be them necessary or not), family events, parenting, and our social agendas tend to get in the way. This leaves us with the question, are we ever taking the time to enjoy the silence?

As a Wellness Professional, I’m committed to reminding you to do everything with a purpose, simply put, with mindfulness, whether it is washing clothes or putting food in your mouth.

The thing I love the most about the relatively new Marie Kondo craze (if you don’t know who I am talking about, have a gander at her book) is her Buddhist emphasis on finding a spark in everything. The more you find a spark, the happier you are.

Your happiness creates a trickle-down effect on our happiness. See the pattern?

I Implement These Tactics in My Own Work with Clients

In addition to keeping people fit and injury-free, their mind must also be in alignment, not just their posture. And, even more important are your surroundings, not only people, but products, chemicals- they all influence your mood and behavior. The more balance you have in life, the happier and more productive you are. Ever noticed how much more energized you feel after a great night of sleep and how that affects your day?

gathering thoughts to become more aligned


3 Easy Ways to be More Mindful in Today’s Hectic Life

1. Start Your Day With Belly Breathing

Lie on your back. Then while on your back imagine a balloon in your stomach. Take a deep breath in. Pay close attention and notice as your stomach rises when you inhale. Then push all of the air out as you exhale. Repeat this style of breathing 10 times. This breathing routine is how you should be breathing regularly. PRO TIP – If you are ever having difficulty sleeping at night, do this. It’s a great relaxer.

2. Give Yourself 10 Seconds to Respond

It’s inevitable, in life you will experience hostile situations. The worst thing you can do is react right away, full of emotion. Instead, take 10 seconds to gather your composure before you respond. PRO TIP – This is a perfect time to focus on your breathing. It will calm you quickly and take your mind off of your heightened emotions.

3. Gratitude is Key

At least once a day, take a moment to write down or tell someone 3 things you are grateful for. This will take your gratitude to a whole other level. PRO TIP – Here’s your chance to take full advantage of text! Find a go-to person, and use them daily to text your 3 things.


These 3 things will help you to become more mindful, leading to more alignment in your life. Are you ready to take it beyond breathing? Let’s connect so I can help you to live your best life.