5 Exercises You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

Let’s be real, we’re not always somewhere we can do a typical workout. Here are 5 exercises you can do wherever you may be! Copy this on your phone in notes or print out and keep it handy. This is fun, fun, fun.

Feel free to add more reps or include another set. I will usually start the beginning of the week out with 3 sets of 15-20 and then by the end of the week I’ve turned this into a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with 4 rounds of 5 minutes on and 2 minutes off. Whatever your choice is, at least you are getting your body moving and that’s what counts.

1. Bed jumps

This is not your 5 monkeys jumping on the bed, but literally going from the floor to the bed with a spring in your step (excuse the pun). If you do not feel comfortable adding that jump then simply do step-ups on the bed. You are changing your base of support which is unstable, making your body work double time. Make sure the feet get completely on the bed before you step down. 3×15 of each leg.

2. Swimmers

This exercise is stellar because most of us overuse our back anyway as we slouch forward, making this a great strengthener as well as a full-body exercise. Lie on your stomach face down. Take a deep breath in (belly breathing please and if you’re not doing that, you should hire me), on the exhalation, lift arms and legs, squeezing your glutes, shoulders away from your ears, and flail the legs and arms. Head is off the floor, but the spine is neutral- so don’t look forward. I swim for 2 secs go down, breath and come back up. Do 3 sets of 15.

swimmers workout

3. Snowboarders

Stand with feet hip-width apart, hand by your side on floor, squat touch and jump 180 to touch again. 360 equals one rep, do 3×15. Remember although you are jumping, place the most weight in the heels when you land.

4.&5. Side planks R/L

Since I can’t see you and protect you from potential improper form, side planks are safer to do alone than a regular plank. You can do them on your hand, on your elbow or elevated on a chair or bed- if elevated start on your elbow. Make sure the elbow is under the shoulder, and the entire body: hips and shoulders are facing sideways. Once in place use the outside arm to curl under your arm and reach back to the ceiling. That is one rep. Do 3×15 on each side.

workout at the park

Are you needing a little help or encouragement to keep going strong with your healthy lifestyle? I’d love to inspire you along your journey. Contact me today so we can schedule a time to chat!